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Groningen Declaration Network
Welcome to the Inaugural Edition
Defining the Future of Digital Student Data Portability

As President and Secretary of the Groningen Declaration Network, it is our pleasure to present to you this first issue of the Groningen Declaration Network's digital newsletter. This newsletter is the first tangible product of the GDN's Dissemination Task Force, which at the time of writing consists of Victoriano Giralt (TF Chair and President of the GDN), Cheryl DarrupBoychuck (TF Co-chair and Chief Architect of FundsV) and Jacqui Elson-Green (TF Member and Convenor of the Higher Education Compliance and Quality Network at Higher Ed Services).​

What to expect from this newsletter?

First of all, it serves as the GDN's regular update on what is going on in the field of Digital Student Data Portability. You and the rest of our readership (which currently stands at about 700 colleagues) may look forward to newsflashes on newly started pilots, on events attended by GDN representatives, and on the GDN agenda for the upcoming period. Also, we would like to use the newsletter as our premium medium for providing information on our one big annual event – the Annual Groningen Declaration Network Meeting.​

In this inaugural issue, we look back at the 2015 Annual Meeting (AM) in Málaga. We then provide an overview of media and conference exposure during the year, an update of ongoing pilots, and the work done by the GDN Task Forces. Based on your feedback, we plan to produce three issues per year:​

  1. November – Fall issue, with preliminary details for next year's Annual Meeting​
  2. March – Special Pre-Annual Meeting issue, produced by that year's host organization for the Annual Meeting, incorporating details on the meeting's programme and more​
  3. June – After-the-event issue, containing feedback, summaries, photographs and more​

Newsletter's objectives and network's rules of engagement​

Since its start, the GDN has operated on a by-invitation-only basis. This is done to ensure the coherence and focus of the network. We are purposely following the path of slow, controlled growth. We encourage all of our invitees to avail themselves of the unique opportunities that our network provides – primarily by attending our annual events.​

Invitations have already been sent for GDN's Annual Meeting in Cape Town this May.

Also, the network aims at systematically involving targeted stakeholders to become signatories. As a signatory, we expect you(r) (organization) to become actively involved in the events and activities that the network deploys.​

This newsletter serves to disseminate this vision, and we do look forward to hearing from you so as to get involved in our shared struggle to make the GDN vision a reality.​

Be part of the Network and let your voice be heard ​

And last but not least – this newsletter would very much like to be your medium, to reach out to other stakeholders in the Digital Student Data Ecosystem. If you have a story to tell or a case to sell, please think of using this newsletter as your platform to get in touch with your peers around the globe.​ Contact us at

With warmest regards,​

Victoriano Giralt ​
President, Groningen Declaration Network; Chair, GDN Task Force for Dissemination​

Herman de Leeuw​
Secretary, Groningen Declaration Network​

Cheryl DarrupBoychuck​
Chief Architect of FundsV; Co-chair, GDN Task Force for Dissemination, and GDN TF on Empowering Cross Border Enrolment and Student Loan Portability​

Jacqui Elson-Green
Convenor of the Higher Education Compliance and Quality Network at Higher Ed Services; Member, GDN Task Force for Dissemination​