Groningen Declaration Network's "After the Event" Newsletter: Issue 4, July 2016 No images? View the webversion
Lene Oftedal, UNESCO; and Dr Bas Wegewijs, EP-NUFFIC / Netherlands NARIC
Evaluating the Results
Delegates provide insight to participating in the Annual Meeting
What makes the Annual Meeting so special? Review the results of the official evaluation, as well as comments from the delegates -- revealing the power of personal interaction when pursuing a common goal, on a truly global scale.
Annual Meeting Insight
Rolf Lofstad, NOKUT
GDN's Newest Signatories (Plus Prospective Ones)
Organizations that signed in Cape Town
GDN's Executive Committee continues to invite qualified entities to commit to the Declaration's ideals. Learn more about the latest group of signatories which signed the Groningen Declaration during the Annual Meeting in Cape Town.
2016 GDN Signatories
Anna Glass: A Personal Impression
Personal Impressions, by Anna Glass
A "Big Picture" Perspective of GDN
GDN has come into its own: Many in the higher education field have come to understand the need for reliable and secure digitalisation of student data, and the groundwork already laid out by the GDN will be instrumental to the work ahead.
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David Moldoff, AcademyOne
Post-Event Feedback, by David Moldoff
Asking tough questions about "What's next?" for GDN
One delegate notes that "business reasons" must be articulated to support why higher education stakeholders -– and the governance of institutions -- should support the digital evolution of credentials.
What's next for GDN?
Anna-Marie Janse Van Rensburg (QCTO)
Photo Gallery from Cape Town
Memorable Moments Captured in Pictures
View professional photographs of delegates from GDN's Fifth Annual Meeting in South Africa -- where the organizers blended thought-provoking content with plenty of time to socialize.
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Victoriano Giralt, Chairman of GDN's Executive Committee
Executive Summary of the 2016 Annual Meeting
A comprehensive report of two productive days in Cape Town
GDN places great importance on broad accessibility of the content discussed at its Annual Meeting, with the intention to involve and mobilize the Digital Student Data Ecosystem that the GDN has been nurturing for the past few years.
Fifth Annual Meeting, in Summary
Dr Vuyelwa Toni-Penxa, SAQA
Access to the Archive
Recordings and Reactions from the meetings in Cape Town
SAQA, host of the Annual Meeting, uploaded presentations, media coverage and personal reactions, to document the African Qualifications Verification Network (AQVN)'s 20th Anniversary Celebration, as well as GDN's Annual Meeting.
Videos, photos, presentations
Joe Samuels, SAQA
Making Waves Globally
Promoting the ideals of the Groningen Declaration Network
GDN signatories have been working hard to substantiate their commitment to the goal: Citizens worldwide should be able to consult and share their authentic educational data with whomever they want, whenever they want, wherever.
GDN's recent accomplishments
Neil Robinson, University of Melbourne
Save the date for GDN next year, Down Under
GDN's Sixth Annual Meeting in Melbourne, 26-29 Apr 2017
Plans are well underway to host the Groningen Declaration Network's 2017 Annual Meeting at the University of Melbourne in Australia in late April. Learn more about Melbourne Uni -- where great minds collide.
Plan Ahead for Melbourne!
Dik van der Wal, DUO
Thank you to all GDN sponsors
Many reasons for the success of GDN's Fifth Annual Meeting
The Executive Committee of the Groningen Declaration Network extends its heartfelt appreciation to many colleagues and organizations who contributed their time, talent and treasure to the event in Cape Town.
With warm appreciation